California Division Christmas Card Ride

FROM: Larry Carpenter
December 31st, 2019 PDT

The 2019 Christmas Card Ride was held Saturday, December 7th. Riders in Relay transported two mochilas from the Folsom History Museum, along the American River Parkway to the Old Sacramento History Museum. The five-and-a-half-hour ride began with a beautiful clear morning but as time went on the riders hit rain. Ride Captain Rich Tatman stamped last minute cards from Collection Box inside the Folsom History Museum. Riders talking about the Pony Express.

Pony Express: Special Delivery Letters & Kisses for our Veterans

FROM: Petra Keller & Siena 
November 4th, 2019 PDT

Woof! My name is Siena and I am a spunky 2-year-old heeler mix. Oh myyyy, the adventures I have had with my mom Petra! I enjoy going on trails rides where I get to run alongside and this past summer, I even got to come along on the Pony Express Re-ride! I sure loved helping “Uncle Red” (mom’s horse) who was carrying the Mochila (the special leather saddle pouch) which had lots of letters in it. Thankfully I didn’t have to carry it – it was heavier than I am., Continue Reading

Our Adventure Accompanying and Photographing the 2019 Pony Express Re-Ride from St. Joseph to Sacramento

FROM: Sally and David Gray
July 22nd, 2019 PDT

Many of you will remember David hanging out our car’s passenger window with a camera while Sally drove alongside the riders.  Our adventure had its beginnings in 2009 when Sally had a particularly troublesome cancer. She read about a geocaching challenge to find certain Pony Express related geocaches in each of the states through which the original riders carried the mail.  She read several books from our library detailing the history and locations of the trail and the stations. She could not rise to the challenge then, but she followed, Continue Reading

Stephanie Buranzon heading across the flats toward Ft Churchill.

FROM: Diane Garland
July 16th, 2019 PDT

Stephanie takes a short leg across the flats toward Ft Churchill, NV.

Jim Phelan at Buckland Station

FROM: Diane Garland
July 14th, 2019 PDT

Jim Phelan riding past Bucklands Station on the home stretch to Ft Churchill for the exchange after crossing the Carson River Bridge. It was a beautiful Nevada Morning. Jim’s horse Mia was steady as the Nevada Highway Patrol escorted him across the bridge safely.

Top Gun to Ft Churchill - Making up lost time

FROM: Diane Garland
July 14th, 2019 PDT

We arrived at the entrance to Top Gun Raceway on Schurz highway at around 2 AM the morning of June 19, 2019. I had met Alina and her mom Mary Alice at their home in Washoe Valley at 12:15 to drive out to Top Gun together.  We loaded up Belle and headed out.   Cassidy and Logan drove out from Silver Springs with TomTom and Costa and met us there.  We saddled up and watched the horizon for the bouncing twinkling light that meant the rider was coming.  Mary Alice stayed, Continue Reading

Up Old Meyers Grade and Over Echo Summit

FROM: Petra Keller
July 9th, 2019 PDT

After a short night and a day working, I leave to head to my last ride section for the 2019 Re-Ride. This leg was in Meyers! Thankfully Jan & Chris were able to come help and be ride support for me to shuttle my rig to my end point. We had scouted a couple of weeks before to figure out where to stage the trailer and discovered that HWY 50 & 89 was a construction zone! Caltrans is putting in a round-a-bout! Yikes lots of heavy equipment, cones, erosion tarps, Continue Reading

Ride Section - Team Jares - Railroad Pass to Cold Springs

FROM: Petra Keller
July 3rd, 2019 PDT

Getting to the ride section in time is always such a guess… it is at least a 3hr haul to the Cold Springs where the team was meeting. You check on status before you go to bed, you check again over night and then again as you wake up. You want to make sure you are at your location in plenty of time! I call it the Pony Time YoYo. Overall the mail had been running behind schedule for a few days, but Nevada teams were known to make up, Continue Reading

Meeting members and riders at exchange.

FROM: Wilbur Kirby
July 2nd, 2019 PDT

From West Virginia, I was encouraged to submit a report as a welcoming person at the exchange for the riders. A little background first. My first encounter with the annual Pony Express Re-ride was at Old Sacramento in 2007. While touring CA. I had stopped at the Visitor’s Center for literature, after handing me the information the lady said “by the way the Pony Express will arrive at 10:45”. I waited for the riders and learned about the Re-ride, met many friendly NPEA (National Pony Express Association) members and decided, Continue Reading

HAM Report from Ambush pass, green valley center, hazel fish hatchery, and i80

FROM: Keith Bushell
June 25th, 2019 PDT

Some pictures from my exchanges as a ham radio operator. Ambush pass, green valley center, hazel fish hatchery, and i80. Also attended the finish. Little did I know there was a letter in there from my Mom to me! As a ham I look forward to this all year.