“Ham” is another word for “Amateur Radio Operator”

Hams use short wave radios to communicate to each other and provide public assistance when there are emergencies.  They keep these skills up by providing communications for various events that need their help, such as races, bike events, and the Pony Express Re-Ride. They are also depended upon in emergencies such as natural disasters providing communications when electrical power is no longer operating,

Pony Express and Ham Radio Operators

During the annual Pony Express Re-Ride, hams provide support to the NPEA in several states along the trail. Generally, the ham is to report the position of the pony to the net control & ride captain. In an emergency where medical assistance is needed human or equine, they are there to make that need known.

They make known the present position of the Pony to others that are waiting for the Pony if another ham is in that same area.

Coverage along the Pony Express Trail

National HAM Coordinator:  Ron Norton KJ6XI:  svensk41@yahoo.com

State Contact/Website Hams wishing to help contact:
Missouri Dennis Mason (K0BYK)
Dennis Mason
K0BYK(Marysville KS)
Kansas Dennis Mason (K0BYK)
Dennis Mason
K0BYK(Marysville KS)
Nebraska None
Colorado None

Casper Amateur Radio

Dwight Parrill (AE7YA):



Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club (Atlantic City > Fort Bridger)

Greg Bushman (N7BSH):






Rulon Swensen, swensenru@me.com
Gerald Hasty <xp@sumofiber.net>


Gerry Miller:


California Dennis Klaman: dennis.klaman@gmail.com




” Any ham radio operator that would like to help with communications please contact Ron Norton, KJ6XI or any of those listed in the state where they have an interest.”

Ham Radio and the Pony Express