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Local Riders Discuss on Radio the Pony Express Re-Ride in Utah

Mike Luers and Greg Dupratt talk about their Pony Express reenactment ride later this month. Go Here to Listen…….

Picturing history: Big Mountain to Little Mountain on the Pioneer Trail

At 7,400 feet of elevation, it was one of the highest points on the California, Pony Express and Mormon Pioneer, Continue Reading

The loneliest road in America

Our stay in Provo, Utah, at the lake was very relaxing; we enjoy being among the Mormon people, as they, Continue Reading

Picturing history: The Pony Express and Mormon Pioneer National Historic trails

In 1860, the freighting firm of Russell, Majors and Waddell established a system of carrying mail from Missouri and points, Continue Reading

Pony Express mail run reenactment hit Utah’s Camp Floyd State Park

Members of the National Pony Express Association rode horses through Utah over the weekend in its annual re-ride of the, Continue Reading

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2021 National Re-Ride Schedule

All times in MDT

Sunday June 20, 2021

Ibapah, Utah – Nevada State Line 2:00 AM
Boyd Station 6:00 AM
Black Rock 8:15 AM
Riverbed 11:00 AM
Simpson Springs – Pony Express Station, Team Exchange 12:00 PM
Faust – Pony Express Monument 3:00 PM
Fairfield – Camp Floyd State Park 4:30 PM
Eagle Mountain – Pony Express Memorial Park 4:50 PM
Lehi – Crossroads Blvd. & Redwood Rd. 5:50 PM
Bluffdale – 14400 S. Redwood Rd. 6:30 PM
Murray – Murray City Park, by the Statue, Team Exchange 9:00 PM
This is the Place State Park – Pony runs down Sunnyside Ave. 10:00 PM
Little Mountain Summit – Emigration Canyon Rd. 11:00 PM

Monday June 21, 2021

Big Mountain Pass – State Route 65 12:00 AM
Weber 3:00 AM
Wahsatch Exit off I-80 6:00 AM
Barker Ranch – Wyoming State Line 6:30 AM

      Team 3:

      Ibapah to Simpson Springs — 10 Hours

      Team 1:

      Simpson Springs to Murray Park — 9 Hours

      Team 2:

      Murray Park to Wyoming State Line — 9.5 Hours


Click here to print schedule.

President: Jamie Marvidakis
3201 N. Pronghorn Rd. – Erda, UT  84074
C- 801-828-5177


Vice President: Patsy Lange
3201 N. Pronghorn Rd. – Erda, UT  84074
C- 801-694-1383


Secretary: Diana VanUitert
11090 Susan Dr., Sandy, UT  84092
C- 801-450-2905


Historian: Pat Hearty 
C- 801-450-3143