2018 Re-Ride Dates – June 20 – 30, 2018 East Bound
Sacramento, CA – St. Joseph, MO

Please note that all times are estimates and the Mail can be ahead or behind.

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Detail state schedules are available if the state shows in red letters. Click on the state to view the detail for a state.

Wednesday, June 20th

Depart Sacramento, CA 3:00 PM PDT

Thursday, June 21st

CA/NV Line (Woodfords, CA) 2:00 PM PDT

Sunday, June 24th

NV/UT Line (Ibapah) 2:00 AM PDT/3:00 AM MDT
—————–Time Change ————– PDT > MDT 

Sunday, June 24th

This is the Place State Park – Salt Lake City, UT 11:00 PM MDT

Monday, June 25th

UT/WY Line 7:30 AM MDT

Wednesday, June 27th

WY/NE Line (Lyman) 3:30 PM MDT

Thursday, June 28th

NE/CO Line (Chappell, NE) 4:00 AM MDT

Thursday, June 28th

CO/NE Line (Big Springs, NE) 7:30 AM MDT
————-Time Change —————-  MDT > CDT

Friday, June 29th

NE/KS Line (Tri County Marker) 11:00 PM CDT

Saturday, June 30th

KS/MO Line 8:00 PM CDT

Saturday, June 30th

Arrive St. Joseph, MO (Patee House) 8:30 PM CDT