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The Patee House in St. Joseph Missouri was the Eastern Terminus for the historic Pony Express Route. The Patee house was built in 1858 and was considered a luxurious 140 room Hotel. In 1860 Russell, Majors, and Waddell established their office of the Central Overland California & Pikes Peak Express Company on the first floor of the the Hotel. The Patee House is a National Museum today.

Ferry for Pony across the Missouri

Ebenezer Ferry carried Pony Express riders and much more…..

Tuesday Night Talks going virtual in 2021

The Pony Express Museum is preparing for its 22rd year of presenting Tuesday Night Talks.   Read More…….

Museums see attendance drop due to pandemic

Their doors now are open, but officials at several St. Joseph museums say attendance continues to be sluggish as the, Continue Reading

Patee House gets new roof

The Patee House is receiving a new roof after a storm in June tore off about a third and sent, Continue Reading

Pony Express sees over 1,100 visitors on family fun day

On Monday, the Pony Express Museum opened its doors at 10 a.m. for Free Family Fun Day, and within two, Continue Reading

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2021 National Re-Ride Schedule

All times in CDT

Saturday June 26, 2021

St. Joe Bridge 7:00 PM
Patee House, St. Joseph, MO 7:30 PM