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Keeping the History of the Pony Express Alive through personal interaction at schools, museums, parades and public presentations, our members are always sharing the history and demonstrating the legacies of the Pony Express. Always in uniform the red shirts of the Pony Express riders are easily identified at every parade and historical event in Nevada.

Mormon Station hosts events

HISTORY TALK – THE EARLY YEARS OF MORMON STATION Join a park ranger for a talk on the early settlement, Continue Reading

Historic hoof steps: Posse members ride in tradition of Pony Express

In her long-sleeved red shirt, brown hat and vest, Julie Sprague followed in the footsteps — or more appropriately hoof, Continue Reading

Pony Express Stations, Part 14: Smith Creek Station

This will be the last in my series of articles about the Pony Express stations in western Nevada. When Pony, Continue Reading

Pony Express Stations, Part 13: Middlegate and Cold Springs

The site location for Middlegate Station is unknown. There are several possible locations along U.S. Highway 50 near the modern, Continue Reading

Pony Express Stations, Part 12: Sand Springs Station

For thousands of years, much of western Nevada was submerged under the waters of ancient Lake Lahontan. About 4,000 years, Continue Reading

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2019 National Re-Ride Schedule

All times in PDT

Monday June 17, 2019

Ibapah, UT – Overland Pass
Ibapah, UT 5:30 AM
Overland Pass – Grubb’s Well
Overland Pass 11:45 PM

Tuesday June 18, 2019

Grubb’s Well – Railroad Pass
Grubb’s Well 6:00 AM
Railroad Pass – Cold Springs
Railroad Pass 2:00 PM
Cold Springs – Sand Springs
Cold Springs 7:00 PM

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Sand Springs – Schurz Highway
Sand Springs 12:00 AM
Schurz Highway – Fort Churchill
Schurz Highway 3:30 AM
Fort Churchill – Carson City
Fort Churchill 7:45 AM
Carson City – Stateline, CA
Carson City 12:30 PM
Stateline, CA 5:30 PM


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  • President: Arthur Johnson
  • Vice President: Ron Bell
  • Second Vice President: Gene Ockert
  • Secretary: DebiLynn Smith
  • Treasurer: Jill Andrews
  • Member at Large / Recordation: MaryAlice Raabe
  • Member at Large: Samantha DiMuzo