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Keeping the History of the Pony Express Alive through personal interaction at schools, museums, parades and public presentations, our members are always sharing the history and demonstrating the legacies of the Pony Express. Always in uniform the red shirts of the Pony Express riders are easily identified at every parade and historical event in Nevada.

Eastern Nevada Pony Express Stations, part 4

In Part 3 of my series on eastern Nevada Pony Express Stations, I described Mountain Springs Station (7), Ruby Valley, Continue Reading

Pony Express honored with special medallion Saturday in Carson City

A special medallion honoring the Old West Pony Express mail route will be stamped on historical Coin Press No. 1, Continue Reading

Stories of Old Nevada: Memories of Elko

For 19 years, I worked for the Nevada Department of Transportation. During that time I made numerous trips to Elko, Continue Reading

Dennis Cassinelli: Eastern Nevada Pony Express stations part 3

In Part 2 of my series on Eastern Nevada Pony Express Stations, I described Schell Creek Station (4), Egan Canyon, Continue Reading

Forgotten Overland Stage line once ran through Silver State

Most know that U.S. 50 through Nevada parallels portions of the historic Pony Express trail (and the old Lincoln Highway),, Continue Reading

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2021 National Re-Ride Schedule

All times in PDT

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Woodfords – Carson City
Woodfords Station, California 1:00 PM
Carson City – Fort Churchill
Carson City 6:00 PM
Fort Churchill 10:45 PM

Friday, June 18, 2021

Shurz Highway – Sand Springs
Shurz Highway  3:00 AM
Sand Springs – Cold Springs
Sand Springs  6:30 AM
Cold Springs – Railroad Pass
Cold Springs 11:30 AM
Railroad Pass – Grubb’s Well
Railroad Pass  4:30 PM

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Grubb’s Well – Overland Pass
Grubb’s Well 12:30 AM
Overland Pass – Ibapah, UT
Overland Pass 6:45 AM


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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Nevada/Utah Line
 Ibapah, Utah 2:00 AM MDT



  • President: Gene Ockert
  • Vice President: Christine Starr
  • Second Vice President: Anthony Zamora
  • Secretary: Sam DiMuzio
  • Treasurer: Jim Phelan
  • Member at Large / QuarterMaster: Diane Garland
  • Member at Large / Recordation: MaryAlice Raabe
  • Member at Large: Ron Bell