Pony Express Gazette

NPEA Member Newspaper published yearly on April 3.

If you have an item for the Gazette, please email it to  arleta@bluevalley.net.

**Deadline for submitting articles is February 28.**

2024 Gazette

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2023 Gazette

  • Bronze Pony Express Mochila statue has new home in Gothenburg
  • Fairbanks Monument celebrates 25 years in Salt Lake

    Photo by Richard Gwin
    On June 14, 2010 the 9th day of the re-enactment of the 150th ride of the Pony Express, as the riders left from Lookout Point, Nevada
  • 1983 Slide Ride drew worldwide attention 40 years ago
  • News from Wyoming, Kansas and Utah
  • 4th Generation Riders in Utah
  • 2023 National Convention Information and Registration
  • Dutch girl immersed in the 2022 Re-Ride with Kansas Pony Rider friend
  • Message from President Pam
  • Riding Internationally in Utah, Nevada, California and Germany!
  • Stablemaster News — Website & Facebook
  • Empty Saddles
  • Follow-up Report on Pony Express Trail Caldor Fire damage
  • NPEA Convention Trails Meeting and Delegates Meeting, September 2022

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2022 Gazette

  • California Caldor Fire destroys miles of Pony Express Trail
  • NPS Update
  • Utah Family Experiences Their First Re-Ride
  • Colorado Rider has 40 Years of Riding Under His Belt
  • 2022 National Convention Information and Registration
  • The Telegraph Crossing Wyoming in 1861
  • 10 Things to Know about the Pony Express
  • Background to the PBS Nature Program Featuring the Pony Express Re-Ride
  • Empty Saddles
  • September 2021 Director’s Meeting Notes

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2021 Gazette

  • Olympic Torch Ride 25th Anniversary
  • National Monument Flag Update
  • New NPS Trails Program Manager

    Pony Express Statue, Colorado
  • Battle of Egan Station
  • NPEA/NPS Re-Ride Partnership
  • National History Day and the Pony
  • Empty Saddles
  • NPEA Strategic Plan
  • 2020 Directors’ ZOOM Meeting Notes

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2020 Gazette

  • 2020 Re-Ride Schedule
  • Pony Express NHT Study Completed
  • Christmas Card Ride (CO)
  • Member Profile – Doc Christensen
  • NPEA Strategic Plan 2019-2024
  • 2019 Directors’ Meeting Notes
  • Stamp Collection and the Pony Express
  • Ham Operators Help during Re-Ride

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2019 Gazette

  • 2019 Re-Ride Schedule
  • Pony Express at the Reno Rodeo
  • Member Profile – Les Bennington
  • 2018 Board of Director Notes
  • Thunder and Dust
  • Historical Articles
    • Confederate Spy and Socialite
    • Thomas Bedford
    • Then and Now: Hollenberg Station

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Mary Cone and Lyle Gronewold present the Nebraska Governor and First Lady with the 150th Anniversary Pony Express Map

2018 Gazette

  • 2018 Re-Ride Schedule
  • National Trails System 50th Anniversary
  • Boy Scouts help with Pony Express Signs
  • Christmas Card Rides (CO, WY)
  • Valentine’s Day Card Ride (WY)
  • 2018 Convention Information


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