2023 Re-Ride Dates : June 7 to 17, East-Bound

   Sacramento, CA – to – St. Joseph, MO

*Please note that all times are estimates and the Pony can be ahead or behind.*

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Wednesday, June 7
Depart-Old Sacramento, CALIFORNIA 2:00 PM PDT
Thursday, June 8
CA/NEVADA Line (Woodfords) 1:00 PM PDT
Sunday, June 11
NV/UTAH Line (Ibapah) 1:00 AM PDT
                        Time Change (PDT > MDT)
Salt Lake City, UT 10:00 PM MDT
Monday, June 12
UT/WYOMING Line (South of Evanston) 6:30 AM MDT
Wednesday, June 14
WY/NEBRASKA Line (Lyman, NE) 2:30 PM MDT
Thursday, June 15
NE/COLORADO Line (Chappell, NE)                           2:30 AM MDT
CO/NEBRASKA Line (South of Big Springs, NE)              6:00 AM MDT
  Time Change (MDT > CDT)
Friday, June 16
NE/KANSAS Line (Tri-County Marker) 10:00 PM CDT
Saturday, June 17
KS/MISSOURI Line                                              7:00 PM CDT
Arrive-St. Joseph, MO 7:30 PM CDT