The Patee House was the Eastern Headquarters of the Pony Express and housed the Riders.  The horses were stalled at the Pikes Peak Stables.

The Pony and Rider actually went inside the Patee House post office to collect the mochila filled with mail, before setting off to the west.

  1. Pikes Peak Stables, St. Joseph
  2. (H) Patee House, St.JosephEastern Headquarters
  3. Missouri River Ferry   (Missouri River Transport)


(H) = Home Station

              Bold = Station Name on the original U.S. Senate Executive Document, 46th Congress, 3rd Session, I, No. 21 p.7-8 “Contract with Overland Mail Co” “Route 10773”

Italics = Station Name listed on the 2010 Map prepared by the National Pony Express Association and produced and printed by the National Parks Service to celebrate the Pony Express Sesquicentennial.