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City Council directs Fort Caspar feasibility study to evaluate Pony Express additions

CASPER, Wyo. — In a work session on July 25, the Casper City Council directed city staff to pursue a feasibility study and consideration of funding options for the proposed expansion of the Fort Caspar Museum. The feasibility study will include information on the potential acceptance of the Pony Express Collection currently being offered to … Continued

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Pony Express Monument gets much-needed facelift

…………….. Some of the same volunteers that worked on the beach noticed how run down the Pony Express marker had become and decided it was time for a facelift.   Read More….

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Engineering’s ‘omniscient being,’ Sam DiMuzio, wins Distinguished Classified Employee award

DiMuzio ‘knows all, sees all and does all’   

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Local Riders Participate in Pony Express Re-Ride

The sound of running horses and the sight of the pony express riders were here again in the early morning hours of Friday June 16th. Just like in the original Pony Express   Read More……

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Pony Express letter to Vermonter up for auction

You Tube Video with history about a letter sent by Pony Express from California to Vermont. Watch Video.

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Pony Express Re-Ride Makes a Late Night Stop At Midway Station

The Pony Express has fascinated Americans since its first riders hit the leather in April 1860. It traveled 1,966 miles between Missouri and California in 10 days or less! This innovative mail service lasted only 19 months, but won a permanent place in the history of the American West.   Read More….

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Re-ride late but mail was delivered

Marysville’s Pony Express Barn and Museum was humming at dawn Saturday. Expectant riders, with families along to watch, prepared to drive horse trailers out on the National Pony Express Trail and wait their turn to relay the mail to St. Joseph, Mo., on horseback.    Read More….

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Rare Vermont Pony Express Letter Auctioned Off

You Tube Video of news story regarding the Vermont letter carried by Pony Express. Watch video.

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Pony Express letter to Vermonter sells for $6,500 at auction

The only Pony Express letter ever delivered to Vermont sold for $6,500 at a New York City auction  Read More……..

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Pony Express alive and well and riding in Wyoming

Volunteers gathered around the completed project of refurbishing the Pony Express Monument to mark the site of Nine Mile House   Read More……..