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Pony Express rides again

On a hot day when connecting participants were running behind schedule, John Greer and Bruce McReynolds talked about the first time McReynolds took part in the Pony Express re-ride.  Continue…

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Pony Express carries mail for national reride, Vets

GUERNSEY–On Wednesday, they re-enacted history, delivering mail as part of the annual National Pony Express Association reride from California to Missouri.  Saturday brought a different mission–creating some of their own history as they delivered hand-written letters from Wyoming elementary students  to veterans residing at the Veteran’s Administration Home in Cheyenne, expressing thanks to the Vets … Continued

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Ride for heroes. . .

It was literally a touching moment when Wyoming Pony Express state president Les Bennington’s horse lowered his head to pay respect to one of the residents from the Veteran’s Administration Home in Cheyenne on Saturday morning. Continue reading

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Author of Pony Express book says local station ‘most impressive’

Jim DeFelice, a New York Times best-selling author who co-wrote “American Sniper,” said he was impressed with the Marysville Pony Express Barn Museum. Continue reading

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How the Pony Express linked an isolated SF to the country

The Pony Express, the short-lived mail service whose daring young riders and tireless horses raced back and forth across 2,000 miles of a mostly unexplored continent, fired the imagination of the entire country. But it may have had the greatest emotional resonance in San Francisco. Read More …  

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The Pony Express- New beginnings and old traditions

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. After a long journey from Paxton the Pony Express Re-Ride arrived in North Platte on Thursday. It’s something that happens every year in North Platte. But for two riders this year it’s particularly important.  Continue reading…

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Hot temps slow Pony Express Re-Ride (2018)

Just after 9 a.m. three hours after originally expected, the Pony Express Re-Ride galloped into the Fort Kearny station and organizers said it was the extreme temperatures that slowed down their pace.  Continue reading…

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Pony Express passes through county on historic re-ride

FORT LARAMIE – It’s an image that’s become synonymous with the Old West – The lone rider and his horse, making their way through potentially-hostile territory, ferrying news and letters from the east to the new territories in Wyoming and points west.  Continue reading…

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Annual Pony Express Re-ride underway

GOTHENBURG — Each June, members of the National Pony Express Association, established in 1978, recreate the Pony Express in a commemorative re-ride along the original route through the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.Read More…

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Pony Express re-ride pass through area

FORT LARAMIE — Every year, the National Pony Express Association has hundreds of riders recreate the original Pony Express ride, which passed through Goshen and Scotts Bluff Counties on June 27.Read More ….