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Pony Express re-rides through Carson City

National Pony Express Association riders recreating the historic Pony Express run this month made their way through Carson City Wednesday afternoon en route to Sacramento, CA.   Read More….

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Pony Express rides again! Riders to come through South Lake Tahoe Wednesday

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Over 750 horseback riders are crossing the United States from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California as part of the annual Pony Express Re-Ride. Riders will be coming through South Lake Tahoe Wednesday evening.   Read More…

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History comes alive with Pony Express Re-Ride

A family tradition with historic roots continued last week with the annual re-ride effort coordinated by the National Pony Express Association. Back in the 1960’s, Deb Hill, of Washington, said her father, Ralph Payne, participated in a similar effort along a portion of the Pony Express Trail for its 100-year anniversary.   Read More…

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The pony express is galloping into Sacramento.

This week, Sacramentans can watch the Pony Express ride again as the last leg of the 44th annual “re-ride” closes out in Old Sacramento.   READ more, or Listen To…..

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National Pony Express Rides through Salt Lake City

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Pony Express Re-Ride Gallops through the Panhandle

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Pony Express rides through the Panhandle

Volunteer riders teamed up to recreate the 1860s mail delivery route, the Pony Express, touted in history as having joined eastern and western America. The 2022 Pony Express Re-Ride..    Read More and Listen……

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Pony Express 2022 National Re-Ride keeps the legend alive

OVERTON — A lone rider gallops away on a fresh horse, saddle bags securely fitted as both set off toward the west. It could just as easily be a scene from 1860, but in 2022, it was the scene of the Pony Express Re-Ride   LISTEN TO and Read More….

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Annual Pony Express Re-Ride gallops through Wyoming

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Over 10 days, more than 750 riders will work as a relay team to re-trace the Pony Express trail through eight states. The Pony Express only operated for 18 months, but the mail delivery became a symbol of the Old West.   Read More…

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Photos: Pony Express from Wahoo Newspaper

Pony Express Photos from the Nebraska Re-Ride.   See Photos….