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Pony Express Valentine card ride

HARTVILLE–Members of the Southeast Wyoming Pony Express Association will hold their annual Valentine Card Ride on Saturday, February 2, 2019. Riders will leave the Guernsey Post Office at 9 a.m. and plan to arrive in Hartville between 11 a.m. and noon. Read More …


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The Sweetwater County Pony Express will hold its 17th annual Christmas card ride on Saturday, December 8.

The Pony Express Saddles Up for the 17th Annual Christmas Card Ride

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Pony Express carries mail for national reride, Vets

GUERNSEY–On Wednesday, they re-enacted history, delivering mail as part of the annual National Pony Express Association reride from California to Missouri.  Saturday brought a different mission–creating some of their own history as they delivered hand-written letters from Wyoming elementary students  to veterans residing at the Veteran’s Administration Home in Cheyenne, expressing thanks to the Vets … Continued

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Ride for heroes. . .

It was literally a touching moment when Wyoming Pony Express state president Les Bennington’s horse lowered his head to pay respect to one of the residents from the Veteran’s Administration Home in Cheyenne on Saturday morning. Continue reading

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Pony Express passes through county on historic re-ride

FORT LARAMIE – It’s an image that’s become synonymous with the Old West – The lone rider and his horse, making their way through potentially-hostile territory, ferrying news and letters from the east to the new territories in Wyoming and points west.  Continue reading…

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Pony Express re-ride pass through area

FORT LARAMIE — Every year, the National Pony Express Association has hundreds of riders recreate the original Pony Express ride, which passed through Goshen and Scotts Bluff Counties on June 27.Read More ….

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55 Hours Spent in Wyoming Along the Pony Express 2018

Local KCWY – Casper, WY news coverage of the 2018 Pony Express re-ride across Wyoming.  Click to watch

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Pony Express riders leave Sacramento Tuesday

GUERNSEY—Although their portion of the event is a week away for the Southeast Wyoming Pony Express Association riders, the first rider for the annual re-ride of the National Pony Express Association heads out of Sacramento, California this Wednesday at 3 p.m. PST.Read More …

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Special Deliveries from the Pony Express

You might have rubbed your eyes in disbelief on Wednesday if you saw horses going into buildings. That did happen and News 13’s Jacquie Palizzi took a trail ride to discover the reason. Read More …

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Pony Express will complete Valentine’s Day ride Saturday

GUERNSEY—The Pony Express is preparing for its annual Valentine’s Day ride from Guernsey to Hartville on Saturday.   Read more…