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Obituary for Gerald J. Leal

Gerald J. Leal Nov. 16, 1936 – Dec. 4, 2021 Mr. Gerald J. Leal, 85, of Avondale, Ariz., died Dec. 4.  Continue Reading…….

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New National Park Service Director Named

Charles “Chuck” Sams III Confirmed as Director of the National Park Service Courtesy Northwest Power and Conservation Council. Charles “Chuck” Sams III was confirmed by the Senate as Director of the National Park Service on Thursday, November 18. Sams is a tribal citizen of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla and will be the first person … Continued

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Six Stops on the Pony Express That You Can Still Visit

For an 18-month span from 1860 to 1861, one of the quickest and most reliable ways to send mail across the United States was via the Pony Express. With a roughly 2,000-mile route stretching from Sacramento, California, to Saint Joseph, Missouri, the mail service employed relays of riders who would make the ten-day journey, rain or … Continued

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Grab the Mail and Mount Up! The Pony Express Rides Again

The image of a cowboy galloping on his cow pony across vast stretches of rough terrain carrying mail is synonymous with the old West. The Pony Express covered an astounding 1,966 miles in only ten days, bringing mail from Missouri to California. The Pony Express National Historic Trail (PENHT) traversed eight states and was considered the preferred … Continued

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Irish Pony Express trailblazer had four wives and nine children

“Pounding hoofbeats that were heard around the world.”    

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1858 Pony Express Bible brings $75,000 at auction

………a Pony Express bible from the original print run of 300………

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The Pony Express & NPEA Featured in May, 2021 issue of Horse Illustrated

The May, 2021 issue of Horse Illustrated features an article about the Pony Express and the National Pony Express Association Re-Ride.  Visit https://www.horseillustrated.com/   (scroll down to almost bottom of page) to order a copy in print or digital.


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How the US Post Office Has Delivered the Mail Through the Decades

It’s impossible to separate the history of the United States from the history of its post office. After all, Benjamin Franklin was appointed the nation’s first postmaster general all the way back in 1775, after his fellow colonists rebelled against Britain’s Royal Mail and established the Post Office Department, the forerunner of the United States … Continued

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Unique Lockport provisional stamp offered in Aug. 6-7 H.R. Harmer sale

………Another exciting cover in the Erivan collection sale was mailed a little over 15 years after the Lockport cover, but has its own claim to uniquity as the only known Pony Express cover delivered to France. Read More……..

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Long Live the Pony Express