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Welcome Center celebrates 25th Anniversary

The public is invited out for an evening of dining and entertainment at the Colorado Welcome Center. The Center will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of its opening.  Continue Reading…

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Ride the Pony Express Virtually

The annually Pony Express Re-Ride began at 2 p.m. PST Wednesday leaving Old Sac (Sacramento,CA) in the dust as horses and riders headed eastward to……..  Read More….

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On Wednesday, June 23  the Colorado Welcome Center at Julesburg will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary.   Read More………..

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The Pony Express to Ride Again!

The rider will mount his trusty steed in Old Sac (Sacramento, CA) ……..  Read More….


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Join the Pony Express & be a part of living history. Read More……….


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Pony Express Delivers Christmas Cards

Saturday morning eight riders from the Julesburg Pony Express Division, crossed seven miles between Ovid and Sedgwick to deliver the Christmas Cards. 135 cards were hand stamped with the official Colorado Division of the National Pony Express stamp. The local Pony Express has provided this service for the past several years at no charge. Read … Continued

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It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

County and city crews have busied themselves this week hanging street lights and ornaments along Cedar Street and at the county courthouse. The public is invited to join the Julesburg/Sedgwick County Chamber of Commerce on the Sedgwick County Courthouse lawn on Friday night at 5:15 p.m. for singing of Christmas Carols and Hymns. The chamber … Continued

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Parade of Champions How The West Was Won!

If you think you’re hearing the sounds of hoofs thundering in the streets of Julesburg, you are right! The Colorado Division of the National Pony Express Association will be playing host to approximately 100 delegates and their spouses Sept 12-14, and to “Welcome” them to town, there will be a “Parade of Champions…How The West … Continued

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Pony Express to Ride again June 10-20

The Pony Express will Ride again across the American West. A Re-run of the famed mail service will be done June 10-20, by the National Pony Express Association. Commemorative Letters and Personal Mail will be carried by horse and rider relays from the Missouri River to the Sacramento River. The first rider departs the Patee … Continued

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Artillery at Fort Sedgwick- 1865

Part 1 of 2   Developed during the 1830’s, the Mountain Howitzer packed considerable firepower in a small package.  The cannon was never very popular in the east during the Civil War where it was no match against the much larger guns then in use.  However, out west against the Indians, it was valued for its maneuverability … Continued