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2020 Pony Express Re-Ride Officially Cancelled Over Safety Concerns

Organizers of the annual re-ride that traces the Pony Express route have announced this year’s ride has officially be cancelled due to the virus pandemic. Read More……..

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Marking our history for the future

History is a big part of what makes Gothenburg a unique place to visit, and a special place to live. The thing about the past is this: if no one preserves the stories and details for the next generation, they will die. Luckily there are many individuals around us committed to not letting that happen. … Continued

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2020 Pony Express Reride Cancelled

The National Pony Express Association is cancelling their Pony Express Reride, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read More……..

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Pony Express Association cancels 2020 re-ride The rerun of the famed Pony Express will return in 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the ride this summer.

JULESBURG – The rerun of the famed Pony Express will return in 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the ride this summer. Read More………

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Pony Express Museum closes due to COVID-19 concerns

The Pony Express Barn Museum closed Saturday for the season because of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More………

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Unique Lockport provisional stamp offered in Aug. 6-7 H.R. Harmer sale

………Another exciting cover in the Erivan collection sale was mailed a little over 15 years after the Lockport cover, but has its own claim to uniquity as the only known Pony Express cover delivered to France. Read More……..

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Long Live the Pony Express

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Dennis Cassinelli: Eastern Nevada Pony Express stations part 3

In Part 2 of my series on Eastern Nevada Pony Express Stations, I described Schell Creek Station (4), Egan Canyon Station (5) and Butte Station (6). The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of stations from the Utah State line. There will be one Pony Express Station article each month. Read More…….

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Hendersons’ Oregon Trail Collection called priceless

Railroad conducter Paul Henderson had been called “The Trail Detective” and “The Caboose Historian.” For 50-plus years, Henderson and his wife Helen documented and mapped the history of the Oregon, California and other trails when America was expanding westward. Read More……

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Pony Express Rides again

http://Hyattville/Ten Sleep Pony Express Rides Again