FROM: NPEA Stablemaster
July 3rd, 2024 PST

The Pony made it safely to Sacramento, on time.  National President Pam Simmons rode the mochila for the last leg of its journey into Old Sac.  After Wyoming came into Utah ahead of schedule, the Utah Riders held up a bit at the zoo across from “This is the Place” in Salt Lake City, so as to be more on schedule with the prepared escorts, onlookers, media, etc.  This day, Sunday of the Re-Ride, is always the trek through Salt Lake City and was the highest “hit” day for the mapping process that we have on the internet, in collaboration with the the National Park System/National Trails.  Utah made good time and passed off to Nevada, where Riders met with hot weather and the challenges of the Nevada landscape.  They hit a bad electrical storm in central Nevada and diverted through Fallon for safety and because of roads that had become a quagmire.  Nevada handed off to California about on time and the California Riders took the mochila on into Sacramento.  Vandalism to the Brockliss Bridge Crossing caused some consternation, but, as always, in true Pony Express Spirit, the Riders adjusted and made things happen to get the mail through.

Thanks to ALL the Pony Riders of this year’s Re-Ride, the support personnel, the Ham operators, the media, the fans, viewers, and anyone who followed us and loves the Spirit of the Pony, for your support and help throughout the whole event.  The Re-Ride can be challenging at times, but it is a wonderful salute to “The Pony” of 1860-1861 that established a viable central route across the then-territories of the expanding United States — for other communication/transportation endeavors to follow.