FROM: Petra Keller
July 3rd, 2024 PST

XP NE – Riccio’s first Pony leg in Nebraska

Our ride Nebraska Captain, Doug Cape, met us at Cabela’s in Sidney, NE in the morning to take us to our starting point for our ride. Here, we organized some of the logistics for the Re-Ride, including our swearing-in. Our ride section was mainly along HWY 385, and it is a series of leapfrogging for 2-mile legs. After a series of legs along HWY 385, we turned down a dirt road. This is where Riccio got to do his first Pony leg. We were able to ride alongside our Ride Captain in his truck. This was very useful as a couple of horses in the pasture next to the trail came running up from behind and made Riccio a bit uneasy, having the truck as a buffer was great. We certainly didn’t break any speed records but moved the mail along. We rode until the next cattle guard, where we handed off to the next rider. What a great experience for our first Pony Leg! The team handed off to the next ride team in Bridgeport, NE and we drove on to Casper, WY.