June 20th, 2022 PST

I am 70 years old and I am riding my first Pony Express Re-ride. How did I not know that this organization even existed years ago?  I am riding my 13 year Morgan Mare Vintage Firefly who I have only owned 7 months.

I ask myself when I first got the notion to look into this awesome experience and I have to think it was finding the 3 Cent Pony Express stamps in my grandmothers stamp collection.  I then got my first letter carried by the Pony from my friend Linda Jenny,of PA, who was introduced to it by her friend Petra Keller of NV.
Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with CHF Stage 4 and received my St.Jude mitral valve replacement, 6 months later a pacemaker was installed.  Fast forward 20 years and I am still ticking and on my 4th S-ICD diagnosed with Stage 3B Kidney failure. The importance of this background is to  NEVER GIVE UP ON LIFE, TIME IS SHORT , take on the challenge and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
I always feel it is important to thank the people who help along the way.  My sincere thanks to many, especially Rich Tatum, Ride Captain CA, for allowing this Rookie to take a very important piece of the trail at the Folsom Museum to Willow Creek Recreation Area. Thank you Susan LaFrance, CA, for all your time to show us the parking, trail connection and final landing. Marcia Stumpf, CA, for your hours of photographing all of our riders. A very special thank you to my Husband, he is my rock, the best pit crew and driver I could ask for.
We live 3 hours away in Morgan Hill so we needed to get up to the site the day before to avoid any traffic problems the day of the ride. Very grateful to Susan for allowing us to board with her Wednesday night.
Thursday morning was a beautiful sunny day. We parked in our lot and saddled up and rode up to meet the people gathered at the Folsom Museum.  This was Vintage Firefly’s first experience riding down city streets with traffic, buses, bikes and people in all directions.  I was so pleased with her Rock Star attitude, so calm and quiet.
We loved meeting the people and taking photos with children of all ages. at the Museum who had a awesome experience for kids with hands on activities
I was proud to take the oath as recited by our Historian Larry Carpenter.
The Mochila exchange went smooth and we were now on our way to complete our 2.5 miles in 23 minutes.  Proud to say we kept a great trot pace the entire time and completed our time was  in 20 minutes and 24 seconds.  The trail was beautiful following the American River.  We were passed from behind and met oncoming bikes and I was very pleased with the courtesy of the bike riders giving us positive encouragement and Celebrating the Pony Express.
To say I have PONY FEVER, is a understatement. I can not wait to ride again!