FROM: Linda Jenny
July 1st, 2021 PST

Roxy and I came from Pennsylvania to do the re-ride. By the time we reached trail captain Richard and Alice Heinrich’s we had traveled about 1800 miles and there’s was the seventh stop.

The Heinrich’s make the re-ride a family affair. Richard did his 40th ride this year. He handed the mail off to us and we handed it off to his daughter Tina. They graciously put us up at their home. What a great experience.

Eight years ago this month I lost my older son Davey. Roxy has carried me through the darkest days of my life. She keeps my ticker ticking. And then in April of 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was fortunate enough not to need chemo or radiation.  So after my double mastectomy on June 19,2018 I loaded her on the trailer and we left to cross the country in August of 2018. All told, we did 14,000 road miles in 2018/2019.

I saw a photo of veteran rider Petra Keller and commented “I’d love to do that.”  She responded that I could. So she mentored me through the process. This year it became a reality.

I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be a part of the ride. Such hard work goes into making it happen.

And I’m so proud of Roxy. I’ve had her for nine years. Never did I imagine she would be an official Pony  Express  pony. I had a special patch made that depicts Roxy as the pony (made by Judy Quinlan).

I was fortunate enough to meet National President Melva Sanner and Nebraska president Cathy Stevens in Oak, Nebraska

Doing this with Roxy is absolutely one of the highlights of my journey with her.

Linda Jenny – Nebraska