FROM: Randy Thoroughman
June 24th, 2019 PST

Pony Express: we had something different this year at Martins Cove which is a retreat destination for the Morman faith with a huge amount of history behind it regarding Brigham Young and their western movement into Utah. Anyway, Paula and I were waiting in the dark for our rider to arrive when all of a sudden walking up the road towards us were some 30 to 40 people with lanterns. It was midnight. They were staying in the campground and had stayed up to meet us and watch the exchange. They had all types of questions. They had cameras with tripods. They took pictures of us with all of them and Abbigail, our largest horse. I had so much fun answering their questions and telling the stories. Especially, about Pony Bob’s long ride. They were all ears. Watching the lanterns coming up the road was almost like watching a fairy tale. The best part was listening to them yell go Randy and safe travels as I was out of site in a hurry.