FROM: Cathy Stevens
July 3rd, 2018 PST

Due to heat & humidity the mail was late getting to Cozad. PE riders had time to visit & reconnect with each other. Then as Team Captain Mitch Ziebell swears us in, the full moon created a special moment s you look around and see your friends faces highlighted! Then Dee & Breyer start us off, running past a skunk in the ditch in the first mile. Shoestring lights on the back of their trailer worked as their guide. Cathy & BlackJack rode next at a nice trot, no wildlife. Next Audie takes his 2- mile leg past the feedlot. Then wife Betty on Beemer 1- mile & son Zander on Sis 1- mile. They pass to crew of Kieth & Tammy. Kylie 1- mile, Kieth 1- mile & Tammy filmed a video of Ryann as she experienced her first Mochila exchange! Then to Scott for 1 1/2 miles Cheri for 1 1/2 miles and Mitch for 2 miles where he ran past a pivot & got a shower! BlackJack took exception to a bare tree but kept going, Breyer doesn’t care to ride over the driveways so much, Sis almost went for a swim in the ditch, Q-Tee follows the trailer, everyone rides well despite the challenges. Dee & Breyer were lit up with shoestring lights. Betty on Beemer led the pickup- riding in the headlights was a sight! I wish that picture had turned out! As we passed the Mochila to the Overton group, they had their own special moment, Swearing in as the sun Comes up over the horizon!