FROM: Wendy Anderson
June 25th, 2017 PST

Our group from Nevada, the Schellbourne Re-Riders had a great time this year for the re-ride.  The evening before we picked up the mail, two of our riders got married out by the trail.   Rebecca Hulings and James Mossow exchanged wedding vows, had a reception party and hurried to Hicks Ranch to get horses ready to pick up the mail early the next morning.

Then we had another surprise when Carol Hunt showed up at Hicks Ranch for the Re-ride.  Earlier in the year, she experience some very difficult health issues which had prevented her from leaving the Las Vegas area.  As we prepared for the ride and made supper, she came over to join our group.  It was really awesome to see her out on the trail again.  Her health prevented her from riding, but we know she was having a great time just being there again with family and friends.

We are sorry to report that Carol Hunt has passed away since the re-ride.  We wish her family the best in dealing with their loss.  Carol was a one of a kind woman.  She will be missed.

From Ibapah, Utah to Schellbourne rest area, the Schellbourne Re-riders burned up the trail.  We had great, fast rides with no negative incidents.  Everyone was really on top of getting the mail through as fast as possible.

After we all had breakfast, lunch, watered horses, and made adjustments to the mochilla, the mail was going down the trail again headed to the mouth of Egan Canyon.  Everything was going well, until we got to Butte Valley heading up to White Rock.  Mother Nature decided to rain on us and turn all the powder dirt into slippery mud.

We had a few problems with directions for new riders and we lost some time in the dark rainy night across  Ruby Valley.  By the time we got to the last 20 miles of the train, everyone and their horses were pretty tired.  Our riders managed to get the job done and the mail was headed up the mountain with Rebecca Hulings, Mossow and Tony Zamora heading to the top of Overland Pass to deliver to the next group.  In the freezing cold, snow, rain and mud they managed to get the mail there.  We regret being late, but knew that Arthur Johnson’s riders for the rest of the state of Nevada would pick the time back up.

We want to thank all our riders from the Ely area and the Pahrump riders that have diligently traveled to White Pine County for the past several years to help get the 144 miles covered and the mail delivered.  Thanks to all.

We all love the re-ride and the history of the Pony Express.  Can’t wail till next year, we are all making plans already!