California Division of the National Pony Express Association is now ONLINE! Not just our website, but we also have Twitter and Facebook, more ways for us to connect with our members and all those interested in learning more about Pony Express. Be sure to like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter and share our pages with your friends & family!

Let’s get Pony Express out there & let folks know what it is we do. We are MORE than just the Re-Ride, we also do school events, parades, Gold Rush Days just to mention a few. When someone asks you what is Pony Express about, what do you tell them? Do you just talk about the Re-Ride, or do you tell them about the other things we do?

Be sure to check out our pages. If you have photos of events from the past couple of years, we encourage you to post them in our photo albums on Facebook, or send them to the Pony Express email listed below & Christine can post for you if you are unsure of how to do so. We would also like some new photos for the website as well, Christine has a few she has taken since she has been in, but would like others to share as well.

Connect with the CA Division of the NPEA:
Twitter: @PonyExpressCA
YouTube: (Coming Soon)