Photo Credit: John Peltier The full moon rising over Whistler Mountain, near Garden Pass. The full moon is a great assistance to riders on the Pony Express trail at night.

Welcome to Nevada!

Keeping the History of the Pony Express Alive through personal interaction at schools, museums, parades and public presentations, our members are always sharing the history and demonstrating the legacies of the Pony Express. Always in uniform the red shirts of the Pony Express riders are easily identified at every parade and historical event in Nevada.

Engineering’s ‘omniscient being,’ Sam DiMuzio, wins Distinguished Classified Employee award

DiMuzio ‘knows all, sees all and does all’   

Pony Express Re-ride continues into Nevada

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Independence Day Parade prize winners named

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Pony Express Re-ride gallops through Genoa

Eight States. Over 750 riders. 1,966 miles. The Pony Express Re-ride galops through Genoa on Wednesday. The re-ride takes place, Continue Reading

Pony Express trots through Carson City

A relay race of lone riders carrying express mail came through Carson City on Wednesday. The Pony Express is holding, Continue Reading

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(For 2024 NATIONAL Re-Ride Schedule – Click Here)

(Nevada Allotted Time:  60 Hours)

*All Times PDT*

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Woodfords                                         1:00 PM
Section:  Woodfords to Carson City
Carson City @ South Curry & West 2nd. St.      6:00 PM
Section:  Carson City to Fort Churchill
Fort Churchill                                    10:45 PM
    Section:  Fort Churchill to Shurz Highway

  Friday, June 9, 2023

       Schurz Highway (Hwy 95)                        3:00 AM
    Section:  Schurz Highway to Sand Springs
       Sand Springs                                      6:30 AM
Section:  Sand Springs to Cold Springs
       Cold Springs                                     11:30 AM
Section:  Cold Springs to Railroad Pass
   Railroad Pass                                      4:30 PM
Section:  Railroad Pass to Grubb’s Well

 Saturday, June 10, 2023

        Grubb’s Well                                     12:30 AM
Section:  Grubb’s Well to Overland Pass
        Overland Pass                                     6:45 AM
Section:  Overland Pass to Ibapah
       Shelbourne Rest Area @ Hwy 93                  4:15 PM

  Sunday, June 11, 2023

        Deep Creek Station Monument (Ride by)        12:45 AM
        Ibapah, NV (UT/NV line)                           1:00 AM


   **For Printable 2023 NEVADA Schedule — Click Here**

  • President: Gene Ockert
  • First Vice President: Sam DiMuzio
  • Second Vice President: Wendy Cobb
  • Secretary: MaryAlice Raabe
  • Treasurer: Jim Phelan

CLICK HERE to see a listing of Nevada Pony Express Stations.