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Pony Express Rides Again

The Pony Express will Ride again across the American West. A Re-run of the famed mail Sevice will be done June 10-20, 2019, by the National Pony Express Association (NPEA). Read More… 


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2018 Re-ride arrives in Julesburg, CO June 28!

Riders from the Pony Express Colorado Division will pick up the mochila in Chappell the morning of Thursday, June 28, and pass by the Colorado Welcome Center approximately at 6:30 a.m.  Read More…

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God’s speed Dave Belke

Dressed in his buckskin, wearing an old hat with a stampede string, tanned skin, and rugged and chiseled face, you could swear Dave Belke just stepped out of the old western movie screen and onto the streets of Julesburg. Dave Belke could be described as a one of kind, or maybe one of the last … Continued


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Pony Express Delivers Christmas Cheer

Jay Lindsay unlocks the mochilla to take out the Christmas cards that were carried by the Colorado Division of the Pony Express. Each card was hand stamped with a commemorative stamp signifying that it had traveled by Pony Express prior to being mailed by US Postal Service As many as 185 Christmas cards were carried … Continued