Full Moon Helps Pony Re-Riders

FROM: Patsy Lange, Utah NPEA
June 20th, 2016 PDT

In looking at Team 2, Utah Division pictures that Jamie Marvidakis posted, and also Beverly Heferman posted; everyone looks like they are having a fantastic re-ride in the Western Utah Desert, from Ibapah to Simpson Springs! We had an energetic and enthusiastic team this year, everyone pitched in and did their best to make up as much time as we could (and did pick up an hour of lost time). We had a pretty bright moon most of the night that really helped, a few clouds for 2-3 hours, but, Continue Reading

Pony rider travels 2 miles in 5 1/2 minutes!

FROM: Patrick Hearty, Utah NPEA
June 19th, 2016 PDT

Utah’s Team 3 carried the mail from Simpson Springs to Murray Park in Salt Lake Valley, and man, did they do it right. Team 1 picked up an hour coming across the desert at night, and Team 3 picked up another half hour between Simpson and Eagle Mountain. After that, you do not gain any time, as all rides are on city streets with pavement, traffic, etc. But on the first half, we had Pony Express riders of the highest order. Trever Carpenter left Simpson and rode 2 miles in, Continue Reading

Well Done Pony Riders!

FROM: Jill Andrews Ride Captain
June 19th, 2016 PDT

This is Jill Andrews Ride Captain for Churchill to Highway 95 in Nevada Churchill County just want to pass on a big well done to all the Riders and California and Nevada and Utah to date even though the mail is behind I know they’ll make it up and in true Pony fashion. all of my team was where they needed to be when they needed to be and did the best they can and I think that’s all we can really hope for. It was a job well done, Continue Reading

Riders Strive to be on Time!

FROM: Tom Crews, California NPEA
June 18th, 2016 PDT

This may not be a race, but I know all riders strive to be on time. When California is running a little behind you would not believe how those riders in the mountains just crash down the hill. We have been known to make up 3 hours and arrive in Old Sac on time. I don’t think the public realizes how individual this “sport” is. Yes, there may be some support people along, but out on the trail it is just one rider and his horse alone under the open, Continue Reading

34 Mile Section in 4 hrs and 40 Minutes

FROM: Heather Graziano, Ride Captain, Carson City to Fort Churchill, Nevada Division
June 17th, 2016 PDT

Had a beautiful and fun evening riding into Fort Churchill as the light was just starting to disappear. We dodged a rattle snake along the way, waved to some hay farmers and watched the colors start on the hills. Our section got the mail about 20 minutes late and we were able to make up 10 min overall even after a couple of slow exchanges due to troubleshooting the tracker. Super proud of my riders and horses for covering our 34 mile section in 4 hrs and 40 minutes! Huge, Continue Reading

Hwy 50 to Celio Ranch in CA

FROM: Lisa Agoitia, California XP Rider
June 17th, 2016 PDT

My ride was Hwy 50 to Celio Ranch. The mail was a 45 min ahead of time by the time I received it. Smooth sailing down the hill to Cielio Ranch. Ran it a few min. faster than the time given. If it was raining or wet pavement it would have been a slow go down the paved hill. But weather was on our side and Harmony (my horse) and I had a beautiful ride down. Passed of the mail to the next rider. Folks had pancakes and eggs at, Continue Reading

A Glimpse of the Ride in El Dorado County

FROM: Larry Carpenter, California NPEA
June 15th, 2016 PDT

I rejoined the Ride, or caught up with the Ride in El Dorado County, near Buckeye Road and Mother Lode Drive. It is not easy to keep pace with this Event. Riders are maintaining a speed of 8 to 11 miles an hour, but some don’t know this is a Recreation, and they ride with Passion. The route has been developed over the years to avoid traffic bottlenecks, etc, and the Riders disappear down an access rode or onto a dirt road and reappear down a road ahead of you., Continue Reading

Folsom Report

FROM: Larry Carpenter, California NPEA
June 15th, 2016 PDT

The Folsom Welcome Ceremony began On-Time at the Folsom History Museum, Sutter Street, Folsom. Hosted by the Folsom Historical Society. This began at 2:00 PM on the steps of the Museum with the public, NPEA Members, and the members of the Folsom Historical Society in attendance. Folsom after the first 6 week so Pony Express Operations was the Terminus of the Overland Route of the Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company. The mail was then put on the Cars of the Sacramento Railroad for the trip to the, Continue Reading

Pony Re-Ride Departure Ceremony in Old Sacramento

FROM: Larry Carpenter, California NPEA
June 15th, 2016 PDT

The 2016 Pony Express Ride Departure Ceremony in Pony Express Plaza, 2nd and J Streets, Old Sacramento, began On-Time at 9:30 AM. California Division President Elizabeth Davis introduced a series of Speakers who told a group of 50 plus of the National Pony Express Association, the Pony Express, and the role the State Parks Department, and the National Park Service play in preserving Pony Express History and sites and the Trail. The event took place in the shadow of Holland’s Pony Rider Monument across the street from the B.F. Hastings, Continue Reading

Detours on the Trail

FROM: Lori Babbage, California NPEA
June 15th, 2016 PDT

Ride #2: Jeff Babbage and daughter Allison Babbage arrived early to the exchange point in Sacramento at Discovery Park. Unfortunately, dad woke up with the stomach flu and felt it a wise idea to pass on this portion of the ride. Allison, as a lone rider received the mail on time and the exchange was picture perfect (thank you Sara Miller). The trail only brought one challenge to Allison at just over three miles in. The trail is beautiful as it follows the curves of American River. As Allison and, Continue Reading