FROM: NPEA Stablemaster
June 16th, 2021 PST

The 2021 Re-Ride began on time, as the Pony took off from Old Sac. at 2:00pm local time.  However, the technology of the GPS tracking proved more challenging for the NPEA Media Team.  After realizing the signal was not coming through, the support personnel had to catch the Pony and re-program some buttons on the device, which is carried in the Pony’s mochila.  It took about 20 miles to catch up!  The device was retrieved and rebooted and the signal started working.  You may think there is something wrong with the map, but realize that it shows no pony icons for the first 20 miles or so, due to this little glitch.  Our apologies to all.   —   NPEA Media Team