FROM: Mary Cone, Keith County, Nebraska, Trail Captain
June 23rd, 2016 PST

The weather received an A+ for this year’s Re-Ride in southwest Nebraska. Very little wind and temps in the 60’s. A slightly cloud-obscured moon that has waned a bit from full helped, too.

Unfortunately, our contingent was short of riders, horses and rigs this year. But, in true Pony Express spirit, we received help to cover some miles at both ends of our Re-Ride distance. Colorado Riders came an extra 6 miles on our west end. Then the North Platte Riders started riding about 6.4 miles early to help us on our east end. We were at Big Springs about 2:35 am. We rode making good time, passing Tri-Trails Park south of Ogallala at 5:45 am Thursday morning, on schedule. The local newspaper lady was there, smiling, with camera in hand, to record our passing. National President Lyle Ladner and his compadre Dean Atkins missed us at Tri-Trails Park, but caught up with us at Ole’s in Paxton to have breakfast with our ride group, plus Nebraska Division President Lyle Gronewold and his wife Carol. While there, Lyle G. administered the XP oath to our group, somewhat backwards of norm, but in a very respectable setting. We stamped bibles and handed out ride pins and the other extra goodies that makes it special to be a Pony Express Rider!!

Our 5 riders, including Kristy, Mary, Donna, Bill and Mary Dale, rode 8 ponies to “git ‘er done”. Mona, Irene, Ron and Joan helped drive rigs and “ride drag” for us, too. We were leap-frogging and playing “musical ponies” in and out of trailers the whole way. My appreciation goes out to everyone for all their help!

Thanks, also, to the extra effort from our neighboring ride groups to help get the mail through this year-Linda with Colorado and Matt with the North Platte gang!

It may be boring to hear about, but a safe, quiet ride is a good one to have!!