FROM: Patsy Lange, Utah NPEA
June 20th, 2016 PST

In looking at Team 2, Utah Division pictures that Jamie Marvidakis posted, and also Beverly Heferman posted; everyone looks like they are having a fantastic re-ride in the Western Utah Desert, from Ibapah to Simpson Springs!

We had an energetic and enthusiastic team this year, everyone pitched in and did their best to make up as much time as we could (and did pick up an hour of lost time). We had a pretty bright moon most of the night that really helped, a few clouds for 2-3 hours, but all in all the full moon really helped (many thanks to our National President Lyle Ladner, and many others who helped put the schedule together each year!)

We saw several large herds of wild horses, and a lot of antelope, many with babies, had to dodge and lot of jack rabbits who came out to see what all the commotion was about. We had some daylight riding time in the early morning. It was such fun to see the scenery in daylight as we usually get a night run in that part of our run. It was in the 60’s so was cool for the horses and us. Again, thanks team for a FANTASTIC re-ride!

See ya up the trail!

Patsy Lange