FROM: Lisa Agoitia, California XP Rider
June 17th, 2016 PST

My ride was Hwy 50 to Celio Ranch. The mail was a 45 min ahead of time by the time I received it. Smooth sailing down the hill to Cielio Ranch. Ran it a few min. faster than the time given. If it was raining or wet pavement it would have been a slow go down the paved hill. But weather was on our side and Harmony (my horse) and I had a beautiful ride down.

Passed of the mail to the next rider. Folks had pancakes and eggs at Celio Ranch. Very nice of them to cook for us. Good people!! We moved on to check down the road (in a trailer) on other riders till we reached Woodfords. CA. Woodsfords Station Deli/bakery had a great spread of baked goods and coffee where Nevada took over.