FROM: Lori Babbage, California NPEA
June 15th, 2016 PST

Ride #2: Jeff Babbage and daughter Allison Babbage arrived early to the exchange point in Sacramento at Discovery Park. Unfortunately, dad woke up with the stomach flu and felt it a wise idea to pass on this portion of the ride. Allison, as a lone rider received the mail on time and the exchange was picture perfect (thank you Sara Miller).

The trail only brought one challenge to Allison at just over three miles in. The trail is beautiful as it follows the curves of American River. As Allison and Angel (her 13 year old Quarter horse Standard Breed cross) were loping around a curve, the trail was completely blocked by new construction, with workers on scene. Allison comes to a screeching holt realizing there is a 5 foot fence blocking the trail around a 10 foot deep trench running the length of the levee. Allison immediately calls out to the works to find out if she can make it around the construction. They instruct her to turn around and go back on a mile detour.

She and Angel quickly assess the situation and make split decision. As any good Pony Express Rider knows, the mail must to be on time! So, down the levee they went, jumping a portion of the trench, then taking a short swim before heading up the levee to the trail on the other side of the construction. All while keeping the mail dry and handing off to the awaiting rider early!