historic Pony Express envelope
This envelope was carried by a Pony Express rider from San Francisco, California, to A.W. Canfield in New York, NY, in twelve days during June of 1861.


Send a Letter via the 2017 Pony Express!

Your letter will be carried on horseback by over 700 riders along the original 1,966 mile Pony Express Trail in just 10 days.

Pony Express Commemorative Letters highlight historical events, sites, and people of the Pony Express. Each envelope is hand-stamped with a special US Post Office cancellation. They are the Official Souvenir of the Annual Pony Express Re-Ride.

Letter Application 2017

You can send a Commemorative Letter ($5.00) by Pony Express during the 2017 Re-ride.

For additional information, please contact

National Pony Express Association
1010 N. 13th Street
Marysville, KS 66508
or call: 785-562-3615
or email: NationalPonyExpress@gmail.com

 Thank You!