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Pony Express visits Hiawatha Elementary

The third grade students at Hiawatha Elementary School were invited by the Pony Express Association to participate in a week long learning event about the Pony Express. The students experienced our countries past mail system through a variety of lessons. “My favorite thing in the Pony Express was how we could learn about the dangers … Continued

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Marking city’s most famous beginning and ending

St. Joseph has always laid claim to being the place where the Pony Express started and Jesse James ended. Monday marked the 157th and 135th anniversaries of those events, respectively. Both legendary events took place on April 3 but 22 years apart. Johnny Fry took off from the Patee House in 1860, and the infamous … Continued

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A Bible and a Gun: The History of the Pony Express

Who knew that the Pony Express was founded with a presumption that its riders would be Christian? On the evening of April 3, 1860, a lone rider set out on horseback from St. Joseph, Missouri, carrying a mochila (backpack) crammed full of 49 letters, five private telegrams, and some newspapers. Ten days later, at 1:00 … Continued

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This Week in History: The beginnings of the Pony Express

This week in history features the birth of an American icon, one that shows just how far we were willing to go to get the latest news in the middle of the 19th century. April 3, 1860 In today’s fast-paced world of the New York Stock Exchange, where fortunes are made and lost in mere … Continued

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Pony Express celebrates 157 years!

The NPEA is celebrating the 157th Anniversary of the Pony Express. View the fun game created by Google Doodle in 2015.

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Dr. Hartman talks about his volunteering on horseback including the annual Re-Ride.

Dr. Hartman talks about his volunteering on horseback including the Re-Ride. … horseback-related event that he looks forward to every year is the annual Pony Express Re-Ride. Held every May, the re-ride celebrates and remembers the brave Pony Express riders who risked — and often lost — their lives to deliver the mail during the … Continued

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Pony Express rides in Lincoln, NE for state’s 150th

RELIVING PAST: Lyle Gronewold of Gothenburg hands a commemorative letter to Gov. Pete Ricketts March 1 during Nebraska’s Statehood Day celebration. Read more ….

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Celebrating Nebraska’s 150th birthday in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. March 1 marks the 150th birthday of Nebraska, and the Nebraska 150 Association is celebrating it throughout 2017 with programs and projects across the Cornhusker State. …the crowd moved outside to watch the National Pony Express-Nebraska division deliver of the original statehood proclamation to Governor Ricketts at the Capitol steps.That proclamation was read in the filled … Continued

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Nebraska celebrates 150 years with taste of history, culture

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska celebrated 150 years of statehood on Wednesday with tributes to its pioneer roots, history-making citizens and natural splendor. Hundreds gathered at the Capitol to mark the anniversary with the formal unveiling of a new state stamp and actor portrayals of author Willa Cather, Ponca Indian Chief Standing Bear and William … Continued

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Lincoln kicks off yearlong celebration of statehood

LINCOLN — Cisco the horse was turned away from trotting in the halls of the State Capitol. The governor stumbled over a 16-letter word he regularly uses to quiz fourth-graders. And a young Nebraska woman whose voice made her a national television darling stood terrified at singing the national anthem before dozens of state senators, … Continued