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Pony Express National Historic Trail

The Pony Express relay system was the most direct and practical means of east-west communications before the telegraph

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Davis, CA has a place in Pony Express history

Despite its place in American lore — associated with names like Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok — the famed Pony Express actually operated for just 19 months, transporting mail across the western United States from Missouri to California and back between 1860 and 1861. Read More ….

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History turns until it no longer does. And even then, don’t be too sure.

The Pony Express Statue in St. Joseph had its dedication in 1940, a bronze work atop Vermont granite meant to immortalize a signature activity in the city’s past. Read More …

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Making Art in Extreme Conditions

The Pony Express was founded to address the need, promising the delivery of mail from Missouri to Sacramento in as few as ten days. Mounted horseman riding at a gallop replaced cumbersome stage coaches and, crucially, the 2000-mile route was served by 184 stations, each positioned less than 20 miles apart. Read more ……

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Wyoming Riders pick up letters from French Visitors

Wyoming Rider picking up letters from a couple from France, during a local fundraiser in Ft. Laramie, WY. They are sending some letters to their grandkids in France. Apparently the Pony Express is well known there and very popular,  they told us about books they have read about it.  

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Nevada’s Fort Churchill

        Just one year after silver was discovered in the Comstock Lode, a band of Paiute and Bannock Indians attacked several white settlers at Williams Station about 30 miles east of Virginia City along the Carson River. The station was burned and several men were murdered. Read More ….

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When the Pony Express came to SF, it was party time

At 12:38 a.m. on April 14, 1860, the steamer Antelope pulled up to the Broadway wharf. It was carrying a small, gaily bedecked bay horse and rider, who earlier that day had galloped into Sacramento — the last relay station on a transcontinental journey that had begun in St. Joseph, Mo., 10½ days, 1,950 miles … Continued

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Rock Creek Station

History about  Rock Creek Station in NE   Read More…

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Ingenuity in Connection From the Pony Express

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — For a very brief moment in time, swift communication in this country began and ended here at a set of modest stables located along the lush winding shores of the Missouri River. Read More …

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How the Pony Express linked an isolated SF to the country

The Pony Express, the short-lived mail service whose daring young riders and tireless horses raced back and forth across 2,000 miles of a mostly unexplored continent, fired the imagination of the entire country. But it may have had the greatest emotional resonance in San Francisco. Read More …