Hosted by: NPEA California Division

Jun 20th 2:00–4:00 pm

Sacramento, CA

Event listed in local time.

Attend the celebration in Old Sacramento to kick off the 2018 National Re-Ride. The festivities begin to celebrate the re-ride, the 40th anniversary of the incorporation of the National Pony Express Association, and the 50th anniversary of the National Historical Trails. Jeff Hallsten is coordinating the event for the California Division. There will be dignitaries from Sacramento, the National Parks Service, the California Railroad Museum, as well as the Mormon Battalion, author Jim Felice who has written a new book about the Pony Express entitled West Like Lightning: The Brief, Legendary Ride of the Pony Express, and Rich Tatman. Show up in uniform and bring family and friends to enjoy this special event.

Scheduled Events (Subject to change)

2:00pm            Welcome remarks Jim Swigart – Master of Ceremony
2:05pm            Comments by Dean Atkin President – National Pony Express President
2:10pm            Comments by Jim DeFelice, Author and authority on the Pony Express
2:20pm            Comments by Ty Smith, Director California State Railroad Museum
2:30pm            Comments by National Park Service Representative
2:40pm            Comments by Rich Tatman, Ride Captain for California, National Pony Express
2:45pm            Comments and Presentation of the mochila by Ralph Petty, Retired US Postmaster
2:50pm            California National Pony Express Color Guard
2:55pm            Mochila is placed on the Pony
3:00pm            Departure of the Pony
3:05pm            James Gledhill and band musical performance
3:05pm            Tables by NPS and Jim DeFelice
4:00pm            End of ceremony