FROM: Gene Ockert, Ride Captain
June 23rd, 2016 PST

FB_IMG_1466980468756The Schellbourne ReRiders (Pony Express) have had another great year. We covered over 144 miles with some awesome riders. We have some great riders our friends from Pahrump Jim and Mary Hannah, Jimmy Hannah, Jasmine Kern, Douglas Shaw, George Veliz, Tara Donohue, Claire Mickelson. There horses can cover some ground and make up some time.

I have my two assistance Wendy Anderson and Tony Zamora. Then Doc Christiansen, Chris Christiansen, Drake Christiansen, Dana Grover, his helper Judith Grover, Alvaretta Hill, Deanna Hoge, Nora Hoge, Rebecca Hulings, her driver James Mosson, Candice Bridgers and Gene Ockert the Ride Captain.

We had 7 new members this year, they were ready to ride and be part of history.

Gene and Nora went to the top of the diamonds to pick up the mail. We picked up the mail 4 hours late with some difficulties on the west side of Nevada. The Christiansen’s picking up the mail from Gene and Nora. After that the friends from Pahrump jumped in and everyone else playing leap frog all the over to Utah.

With everyone moving the mail at a very good pace. No one had any flat tires this year, although one vehicle did get stuck. We also had to do some shoveling to fill in Long Valley wash, which was good two weeks before. With having some heavy rains that washed out some deep ruts. We did pick up an hour before we dropped the mail off to Utah who was waiting very patiently wanting to get the mail.